Power Torque Wrench/Assembly
Pneumatic motor mounted on torque wrench, for work from provisional tightening to final tightening using just the one tool.

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ACLS100N3 [Overall length: 333.5mm]

AC50N3 [Overall length: 293mm]

Left: Turning with an ordinary socket                Right: Turning with an anti-vibration socket

The ACQSPFD3, which is able to transmit tightening torque data wirelessly, can be custom modified upon order. Please contact Tohnichi for details.


  • For assembly and mass-production.


  • The AC3 series semi-automatic Airtork can be used with anti-vibration sockets for impact wrenches. This reduces vibrations during turning, and improves work efficiency.
  • A3 series high provisional tightening torque type
  • Regular tightening tasks using an impact wrench plus a torque wrench become part of a single process, greatly improving task efficiency.
  • Provisional tightening is applied using the air motor operation, and completed in high accuracy by manual torque wrench operation.
  • Final tightening is done with the torque wrench, so fluctuations in air pressure will not affect applied tightening torque.
  • Changing tightening torque is simple: just turn the knob to adjust the N•m scale.
  • Easy calibration with torque wrench tester
  • LS version comes with limit switch. Thich creates error-proofing (Pokayoke) system when used with CNA-4mk3 count checker (sold separately).

Demonstration video

The AC3 Semi-Automatic Airtork




AC180N3 and ACLS180N3


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