Power Torque Wrench/Assembly
Pneumatic heavy duty nut runners for large bolt application.

หมวดหมู่: ป้ายกำกับ:
AP400N2 [L’=274.5㎜]

AP2200N2 [L’=508㎜]

Installing Shell arm

When mounting universal arm


  • For large bolt tightening, such as construction machinery.


  • Automatic gear shift mechanism allows high speed provisional tightening, and low speed tightening to completion to maintain stable tightening operation.
  • Torque remains stable regardless of air fluctuations.
  • Torque setting is easy to adjust by knob and scale.
  • When set torque value is achieved the residual torque easing mechanism causes the body to reverse direction slightly, making it easy to attach and detach sockets.
  • Reaction arm is designed to absorb the reaction force, which assures safe operation even when the operator is working in difficult position.
  • Reaction arm can be positioned freely to allow flexibility in position setting.
  • We can also manufacture Pokayoke (error-proofing) products that receive tightened-to-completion signals. (Please contact us since product would have made-to-order-specs)
  • The AP series became the AP2 series in March 2017, and durability was improved significantly.




AP2200N2, 4000N2

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