Direct Reading Torque Wrench/Inspection
Interchangeable head and dial indicating type torque wrench.

CDB100NX15D-S [Overall length 415 mm]

CDB14N4X8D-S [Overall length 215 mm]


  • For inspection or tightening.


  • Interchangeable Head Torque Wrenches.
  • Lightweight, easy-toread large scale, suitable for inspection.
  • Low cost torque wrench where the head can be exchanged as per the application.
  • CDB model is equipped with a memory pointer as standard to capture peak torque reading.
  • Since the amount of deformation is small, the operator’s fatigue is reduced compared to the flat beam type torque wrench.
  • The dial is movable.
  • The dial indicator has a full-surround protective cover to prevent damage to external objects (except CDB300N, 420N).
  • Comes with a resin grip for CDB25N~200N.



CDB7N4-S, 14N4-S


CDB300N-S, 420N-S

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