DATA TORK (Digital Torque Wrench)
Digital torque wrench with collected data wireless transfer function.

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CEM3-BTS display

CEM3-BTD display

  • For inspection or tightening.


  • CEM3-BT/CEM3-G-BT are for testing (-BTS). Two types of -BTD for tightening.
  • Built-in Bluetooth® module to transmit data wirelessly.
  • Simplex communication model “-BTS” and duplex communication model “-BTD”.
  • “-BTS” model is a wireless data transmission model of standard model CEM3-G.
  • “-BTS” model has a function to save the inspected data into the body and sends it to an external device by wireless.
  • The torque to be judged by the “-BTD” model can be configured wirelessly, allowing you to consolidate several preset torque wrenches into a single unit.
  • The measurement data from the “-BTD” model can be sent wirelessly to an external device as necessary.
  • The CEM3-BT/CEM3-G-BT series conforms to telecommunication standards in Japan, the U.S., Canada, the EU, China, Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, Brazil, Taiwan, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Russia and Indonesia (information valid as of August 2019). For other countries and regions, please contact Tohnichi.
  • Tohnichi’s interchangeable head torque wrenches can be used with our interchange head lineup which offers the best selection in the world, making these wrenches ideal for your work.
  • The TDMS/TDMSHT, TDMS-C/TDMSHT-C, TDMS-E/TDMSHT-E Tightening Data Management System makes data management easy.
  • Can also be used with the CEM50N3X12D-BTS/BTD to CEM850N3X32D-BTS/BTD models, which all come with a JCSS Calibration Certificate (uncertainty: 1%). Please contact Tohnichi for details.




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