Torque Wrench Tester
Digital Torque Wrench Tester

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Digital Torque Wrench Tester DOTE100N4

The color on the display panel indicates Pass or Fail. Easy recognition.

White: Now evaluating  Blue: OK (Pass)  Red: NG (No good)


  • For calibration and adjustment of torque wrenches


  • DOTE4 and DOTE4-G digital torque wrench tester models have a Pass/Fail Judgment function. The LCD panel displays values in color, making it easy to verify whether measurement readings are within set parameters.
  • Upper and lower parameter values can be entered by keystroke, or by entering a command in an external device, such as a computer or barcode reader. *Dedicated software ordered separately is required to enter a command from an external device.
  • The loading device acts on the effective length of the torque wrench. This means that calibration conditions are uniform, permitting measurement accuracy.
  • Torque measurement resolution is more than double what was offered by the DOTE3 and DOTE3-G models.
  • ExRcv (Excel Receiver) software automatically enters measured data in a Microsoft Excel® file. The software can be downloaded for free from the Tohnichi website. *This function requires a cable (No. 383 or 385, sold separately) to connect the DOTE4 to a computer.
  • Outputs measurement results to a computer or dedicated printer, using RS232C / USB output connector
  • The large DOTE500N4(-G) and DOTE1000N4(-G) models offer an optimal display position, making it easy to read the display during work.
  • DOTE4-MD2 and DOTE4-G-MD2 models have a loading device with electric motor, ideal for calibrating, adjusting and repairing many torque wrenches.
  • Also for DOTE4 and DOTE4-G models with a JCSS Calibration Certificate, and for models with a statement of calibration uncertainty.
  • Uses AC100 to 240V ± 10% power. Battery pack also available as an option.
  • CE markings applied for use in the EU.

Demonstration video

DOTE4 / DOTE4-G Digital Torque Wrench Tester Features






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