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Tightening torque and angle data are transmitted automatically at the audible “Click!” moment. Precision Pass/Fail judgments ensure a higher level of tightening reliability.


Shown with interchangeable head QH15D connected to CSPFDD100N3×15D-AD


Angle measurement begins at trigger torque, and then the torque angle (θ) data is transmitted wirelessly to the R-CM receiver at the audible “Click” moment.

The threshold value set on the R-CM is compared, and a Pass/Fail judgment is then made.

TRG: Trigger torque; TL: Lower limit torque; TH: Upper limit torque; ΘL: Lower limit angle; ΘH: Upper limit angle

* Letters on first line indicate torque judgment; on second line, angle judgment; displayed as L, O, and H.


  • Tightening Torque Data Management
  • Pokayoke (tightening error-proof)


  • The tightening torque value obtained at the “Click” moment and the angle data are sent wirelessly. * The angle (θ) is that formed between the previously set trigger torque and the position at the “Click” moment.
  • Tightening torque data and angle data are judged by the R-CM receiver, and the result is displayed on the Pass/Fail LED on the FDD-AD.
  • Settings can be done easily using a computer. The setting software can be downloaded for free from the Tohnichi website. Use the RS232C cable to connect the setting controller (SB-FH2) to the computer, then send the settings wirelessly from SB-FH2 to the FD/FDD transmitter and the R-CM + M-FD receiver.
  • Marking torque wrench MQSPFDD-AD is equipped with the FD/FDD transmitter, which can be consulted during a later process or even after shipment that tightening was performed correctly. Can be custom-made after Tohnichi receives your order.
  • Tohnichi’s interchangeable head torque wrenches can be used with our interchange head lineup, which offers the best selection in the world, making these wrenches ideal for your work.


  • FD/FDD conform to telecommunication standards in Japan, the U.S., Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Mexico, Vietnam, the EU, China, South Korea, India, Brazil and Russia (information valid as of September 2019).
  • Japan’s Measurement Law requires that the units of measure for products marketed and used in Japan be SI units, except for some specialized fields.
  • Products manufactured for the global market offer a selection of metric and American units of measure.
  • Verify the wireless standards and technical criteria used in the applicable country or region.
  • See the catalog for further information on the R-CM receiver.


Standard accessory

  • FD/FDD transmitter protection cover (FD-PCV): 1
  • Two AAA nickel metal hydride batteries. * Charger not included.



◆ How to order

This product is manufactured after the order is placed.

Please specify your set torque value at the time of placing the order.

[Example 1] CSPFDD50N3X12D-ADXT30N・m

[Example 2] CSPFDD25N3X10D-ADXT Free + R-FDSET-AC

* R-FDSET-AC is a set composed of wireless modules for FD/FDD, the R-CM receiver, and the BA-8R (AC adaptor).


◆ Things to remember when ordering
  • CSPFDD-AD is pre-set, so a tester is required to set torque.

When ordering, please specify the torque values you intend to apply.

  • The R-FHD receiver or R-CM + M-FD is required to receive data transmitted from an FDD-AD.
  • The setting controller SB-FH2 or SB-FH256 is required to perform settings for FD/FDD. (You will also need a computer and the RS232C cable.)


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