Hoisting capacity 70kg (Kensui)

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Lift-up/down and speed adjustment can be operated with a single lever and one hand.
The maximum lifting speed is 50 m/min, allowing an operation speed that is closer to the speed as if handling a lightweight object manually.

The center of gravity of the main body is designed to be low and it moves near the load. This structure prevents the main equipment and load from swinging.

Kensui is driven only by air, enabling its use in explosion hazardous areas.
Aluminum (anodized aluminum finish) is used for the major portion of the main equipment to prevent the “coat peeling”. Therefore, Kensui is ideal for applications such as food processing and precision products where sanitation and cleanliness are critical.

This type is equipped with a fall-arrest mechanism for when the air supply is shut off.





Note: Kensui is a product of Toyotsu Techno Corporation.




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