Torque screwdriver with over-torque prevention rotary-slip mechanism for various applications from mass production to maintenance work.

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“LTD” Adjustable Torque Screwdriver

LTD120CN [Overall length 130 mm]
LTD60CN [Overall length 110 mm]

Non-slip shape helps prevent unwanted twisting (LTD15CN to LTD500CN models)
LTD2000CN2 with an auxiliary tightening tool (standard accessory)
The LTD series is equipped with Tohnichi’s own toggle mechanism for torque control.


  • Used for various kinds of small fastener tightening from mass production to maintenance work.


  • Non-idling.
  • Toggle clutch torque detection mechanism for enhanced accuracy and durability.
  • Upon reaching the set torque, it clicks to signal tightening is complete.
  • Easy torque adjustment with scale.
  • All models include a locking mechanism which prevents changing of torque during use. (LTD15CN to LTD500CN models)
  • Hexagonal locker prevents driver from rolling and locker can be replaced with new one.
  • Counterclockwise tightening model available upon request. Please contact us.
  • Upon your order, we can manufacture LS (Limit Switch) version, which is designed for error-proofing (Pokayoke). Please contact us.




LTD 15CN~500CN

Standard accessory
  • Hook spanner for RTD260CN and RTD500CN
  • Resin grip (for RTD120CN and RTD260CN only) supplied as standard accessory.

  • Auxiliary tightening tool for LTD500CN and LTD1000CN is available, sold separately.
  • Bits are sold separately.
  • Bits for LTD2000CN are Tohnichi original.



Interchangeable Bit

For Torque Screwdriver


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