Multiple Unit/Automatic
For automation of multi-spindle tightening with a wide range of screws (M8 to M48).

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ME126N [Overall length 423.5 mm]
MC400N2-TC [L’=274.5㎜]


  • For automatic tightening system / multi-spindle tightening system.


  • Automatic gear shift mechanism allows high speed provisional tightening and low speed tightening to completion, to maintain stable high-precision tightening operation.
  • Torque remains stable regardless of air pressure fluctuations, since torque control is performed mechanically.
  • Torque setting is easy to adjust by knob and scale.
  • When set torque value is achieved the residual torque easing mechanism causes the body to reverse direction slightly, making it easy to attach and detach sockets.
  • Upon reaching the set torque, the internal toggle clicks and automatically stops operation, while the micro switch turns on simultaneously to signal tightening completion.
  • Signal indicating tightening to completion eliminates missed tightening.
  • Attach torque sensor (sold separately) for double-check pass/fail judgment (mechanical and electronic).
  • The MC series became the MC2 series in March 2017, and durability was improved significantly.




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