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Pokayoke (error-proofing) marking torque wrench. Lets you make direct visual checks for bolt tightening errors.

MQSP100N [Overall length: 315 mm]


          Marked bolt (red φ9)                                Marked bolt (blue φ5)

Marking torque wrench “MQSPFD/MQSPFDD” equipped with the FD/FDD transmitter, with which you can ensure in a later process or even after shipment that tightening was correctly performed; can be custom-made after receiving an order.


  • Pokayoke (tightening assurance).


  • When the torque wrench is activated the bolt head is marked.
  • Oversight preventable by quick visual check on the bolts.
  • Marking is not done until set torque is achieved.
  • Marking stays on by use of quick dry ink.
  • Extending the socket with the extension bar permits tightening and marking in deeply inset places.
  • Ink cartridges are easy to install inside specialized socket.
  • Only hand force required for tightening a bolt and marking the bolt simultaneously.
  • One refill of ink is capable of approximately 6,000 times of stamping.
  • Height of the stamp is adjustable (±5 mm).


  • When ordering a torque wrench, be sure to specify the socket width that matches your bolt size, and purchase together with the torque wrench.
  • To learn how to select adapter, sockets, markers and auxiliary ink, see accessories for MPQL, MQL and MQSP models.


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