Tightening data management system
Package software that helps standard values management and early error detection.

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1) Create a measured site master by Excel(R).

2) Register the master data on the Handy terminal with USB memory.

3) Measurer operates tightenining using the CEM3-BTS based on the information on the Handy terminal.

4) When a non-standard value is received, the buzzer alerts and an error message appears.

5) Data can be output as a Excel(R) format, realizing early error detection with「N」「X-bar」「σ」「cp」「cpk」values.

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  • It offers labor-saving data entry and prevents input mistakes.
  • For managing the tigtening and inspection data.
  • Re-tightening inspections.
  • Management of torque data in tightening work.


  • All data can be managed in a master data file consisting of Excel® and torque data, and can be easily monitored and stored.
  • Excel® uses measured tightening data to automatically calculate N, X-bar, σ, cp and cpk. The Excel file can be output.
  • The calculated values for N, X-bar, σ, cp and cpk are used to rapidly detect any abnormalities.
  • The version was upgraded to Ver. 2.00 in March 2017. In addition to CEM3-BTS / CEM3-G-BTS digital torque wrenches equipped with Bluetooth transmission capability, the following also now support standard specs: CEM3-BTD / CEM3-G-BTD digital torque wrenches, which allow two-way communication during tightening work, STC2-BT / STC2-G-BT digital torque drivers, CTB2-BT / CTB2-G-BT digital torque wrenches for re-tightening, and HAQSPDY / HACQSPDY battery-powered semi-automatic torque wrenches. The specialized TDMS / TDMSHT Tightening Data Management Systems, which can be used by the ST3-BT / ST3-G-BT for nutrunner torque checkers, can also be custom-modified when ordered. Please contact us for details.
  • Pairing possible for up to 7 torque devices.

Demonstration video

Product info: TDMS tightening data management system


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