Adjustable Torque Wrench with Multiplier
Torque wrenches for easy and accurate tightening of wheel nuts of large vehicles such as trucks, tractor-trailers and buses, using just one worker, thereby cutting down on labor costs.

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“TW2”  Adjustable Torque Wrench with Multiplier


Before, two workers were needed for use of the large DQLE torque wrench: one to support the wrench head and ensure alignment with the nut location, the other to operate the wrench.
With the TW2, easy and accurate torque control for the wheel nuts of large vehicles can be done with just one worker, reducing labor costs. After a tire change, retightening can be done by just one worker at the transportation company’s branch office or sales office located about 100 km away.

  • For tightening wheel nuts of large vehicles
  • Retightening wheel nuts of trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, etc. (torque control)
  • Tools requiring less physical strength.


  • The TW2 series are large stand-alone torque wrenches. Tasks that generally require two operators can be done with just one.
  • The built-in mechanism multiplies force about 3 times, making it suitable even for tightening wheel nuts on large trucks. So less physical strength is required.
  • Adjusting tightening position is free by damper.
  • The unique caster layout offers freedom of access to the job at hand.
  • Less cost without any power source.
  • Power source (pneumatic or electrical) not required.
  • Torque checking and tightening can be performed easily at the same time with the SPINTORK ST1000N3.
  • ±5% Accuracy and bi-direction tightening.



  • TW2 is a set of dedicated torque wrench and stand. Standard torque wrench cannot be used.
  • Use through hole type socket for square drive 25.4mm.
  • Socket, pin, and O-ring are sold separately.
  • Applicable height of nut is between 255 and 790mm.

Standard accessory

Calibration certificate, manual, checklist


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