Zenmai Motor (TYPE ZS ,ZW)

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Karakuri : Zenmai Motor (TYPE ZS ,ZW)

Maximizing the functionality and dynamic power of springs

The Zenmai motor allows the dynamic power of springs to be used more directly for a wider range of applications.
The motor shaft can be connected directly to a component, eliminating the need for an intermediate wire rope or drum.

Casing stores Zenmai (spring).

2.Mechanism to prevent reverse winding
Prevents reverse winding after the spring has  completely unwound and the number of winding has reached zero.

3.Axe shaft (option)
Transfers the rotation to the attached component. (option)

4.Mechanism to prevent excess winding
Prevents damage that could be caused by winding the spring beyond its maximum number of permitted rotations.

5.Zenmai (spring)
Provides the driving force for the motor.


Installation Guidance
Examples of Operations
1.To rotate wheels
Rotate the shaft in the direction of the red arrow.
When you release your hand, the shaft will rotate in the direction of the yellow arrow on the opposite side.
2.Installation of the arm
Push down the arm in the direction of the red arrow.
When you release your hand, the energy in the yellow arrow will occur.

List of product applications
(When used with a variety of applications,) it can be used as a power resources to wide range of systems.

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